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Nassau Swim Club was founded over 50 years ago in Princeton as a co-operative swim club where members contribute their time for the benefit of the club. Volunteering at the club builds community, friendships and fun. It’s what makes Nassau special.

Nassau requires each membership (Family, Couple, Individual and Student) to help out by completing one co-op (about two hours total per summer season).  Each membership completes 1 co-op for either Operations (lawn mowing, clean up, grounds, repairs) OR for Social (Ice-Cream parties, Holiday picnics, Aquatics Program Activities, movie nights, etc.). Co-ops for seniors (65 and older) are optional.

If you are unable to perform your co-op duties, you can opt out by paying a $100 fee to the club, payable during registration.  If you choose to pay after you've registered, please click here to pay your co-op fee.

These fees are used for pool maintenance.

Sign up for your co-op commitment below:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Co-op?

A co-op is volunteering a couple of hours for an event or activity.  Nassau requires that each membership complete 2 co-ops each year, so about 4-5 hours of volunteer time.

How Do I sign up?

Sign ups are done through Sign Up Genius.  Activities will be added throughout the summer so we encourage everyone to check often.  The Board secretary manages and tracks Coops for the club. 

How else can I fulfill my Co-op?

There are other ways to fulfill the coop such as joining the board or sitting on one of our committees, marketing, social, operations, swim team parent coordinator, etc.  Some co-ops can be finished prior to the start of summer, such as volunteering to post yard signs, working at Communiversity, or dropping off flyers at area businesses.

I have skills that I would like to share with the Club, could this count as a Co-op?

We welcome members who can share their skills to benefit our club (fundraising, landscaping, teaching yoga or an aquatics class,  carpentry, making a repair, etc).  We also appreciate it if members are willing to share their hobbies/skills (board games such as chess, crafts such as  knitting and embroidering, etc.. ) with the children in the full day aquatics program. Please contact us at

I am a Senior Citizen, do I have to do a Co-op?

No, it is totally optional for seniors (65+) to fulfill their co-op.  We have seniors that continue to be engaged with the pool but for others it’s too difficult.  If you feel like helping in a small way, you can bake for an open house or contribute bottled drinks for swim team concessions. 

My child swims on the swim team, do the co-ops I do for the swim team count toward what I do for the pool?

No, swim team is separate from what members are asked to do for the Club.  However, if you agree to be trained as a swimming official for the team and perform your officiating duties (3 meets) then that would fulfill your Club requirements as well.

For additional questions, please contact the Club at

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