Nassau Swim Club

Nassau Swim Club is proud of its generous guest policy.  Members can bring guests to the pool at no extra cost.  However, for the safety of our members and their guests, Nassau requires all guests be registered and to sign a COVID-19 waiver.

1.  The privilege to bring guests is reserved exclusively for Nassau Swim Club members.

2.  All guests must be signed in the Guest Register binder by a registered member.

3.  Guests must be accompanied by a member at all times.  This member will be responsible for registering their guest and monitoring their conduct.  Members must remain at the pool as long as their guest(s) stay on the premises. 

4.  A Member cannot bring the same guests more than 3 times to the pool throughout the summer.  This does not apply to caregivers or out of town visiting family and friends.

5.  More than 10 individual guests at one time constitute a party.  Parties held at the pool shall be booked 2 weeks in advance. A party cannot have more than 25 people and cannot last longer than 3 hours.  The fee for a party is $100.

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