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A Princeton tradition for 50 years  started by Tink Bolster, a mother of 14 children (Nassau Swim Club has now a small fund in her honor.)  Richard Bolster one of the Bolster children, is still a member and his children are on the swim team. Bruce Nystrom, who was  NSC coach and manager for many decades (we still hold a Bruce Nystrom swim meet at the pool every year) writes: "First swim team was in 1970.  We had about 40 members on the team – ten of them were Bolsters!"  See http://www.nassauswimclub.org/history

Full Day Aquatics  The importance of summer swim teams cannot be overestimated. For children who are not year-around swimmers, swimming on a summer team is the only way to acquire the much needed life-long skills of endurance and comfort in the water. But working parents cannot just take their children to swim practice for a couple of hours a day, they need a full day program for them.  At Nassau, our members can drop the children at the pool in the morning and pick them up after work.  Our very reasonably priced full day aquatics program for children 5-12 goes from 8AM-5PM, from June 25 (the end of the school year) to July 27 (the end of the swim team season).  

We are a family!  Nassau is a multigenerational pool: among our members we have grandparents, children, and grandchildren.  Families have been with us for decades.  Nassau is a place where you make friends and memories for life.  Our members get involved with the pool at many levels, including through the aquatics program: young people with the appropriate qualifications work as coaches, lifeguards and counselors, adult members lead quiet activities during lunch time.

Inclusiveness and nurturing is our pride!   We have true lemmings (a lemming is on the club logo to symbolize children who can barely swim) as well as US swim champions.  They all enjoy the swim team, come together summer after summer and become friends for life.  A summer at Nassau is a wonderful experience for children to enjoy year after year and remember forever!

Calm, safe, nature-filled environment  Nassau is a great place to get kids away from screens and into nature. Kids can enjoy the outdoors, the trees and the birds in the safety of a friendly, welcoming and nurturing environment.  Without the crowds and noise of bigger pools, all children, including those with special needs, value Nassau as a place where they belong and thrive!

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