Dive Team 2021

Registration for the 2021 season is now open.

The Dive Team at Nassau Swim Club is for children of all ages and skill levels.  We strive to maintain a balance of learning to dive & compete in a fun and supportive environment.  A strong emphasis on dryland to appropriately train our divers is essential for skill development and technique.  Children must be able to pass the deep water test and have a willingness to learn.

The Nassau Diving Team is a participating member of PASDA (Princeton Area Swimming and Diving Association). We compete against other area teams, as well as in the Championship Meet held at the end of the season. At the conclusion of a meet, individual divers are ranked and awarded ribbons. Also, the individual divers' combined scores result in a winning team.

Divers must be between the ages of 4-18 on June 1. No previous experience is required but divers are required to have completed the deep-end test, and have a desire to have fun. No previous experience is needed to join the team.

Cost and Registration

The cost of Dive team is $200 for the first diver, $175 for each additional diver.  Full payment is required at the time of registration.  Until Memorial Day, full reimbursement of dive team fees is possible, minus a $25 handling fee.  There will be no reimbursements after Memorial Day.

Click here to register your child.

Register for Dive Team

Volunteer Requirements

Parents of participants are asked to volunteer to work at each of the home meets, at least one of the away meets, and to bring a baked good for the home meets (no nuts please). If you want to be a Diving Judge, watch this video.

2021 Practice Schedule

 Practices Schedule


June 15, 17, and 22


Regular Season:

June 23 - July 30 (Monday-Thursday)



2021 Meet Schedule


Dive Team Coach

Elisa Sautter

Elisa comes to Nassau with a strong passion and enthusiasm for the sport of diving. She has coached both gymnastics and diving at various levels and is currently the Notre Dame High School Varsity coach and a coach for East Coast Masters Diving. Elisa is a master diver herself and continues to be highly involved in the sport in many ways. In addition to her diving expertise, Elisa has a Master’s Degree in Communication, which gives her a unique perspective on the interactions between teachers and students. Elisa is excited to work with the Nassau divers and is looking forward to a fabulous summer of diving!

Dive Team Representatives

Wendy and Matt Adlai-Gail (matt.adlaigail@gmail.com)

Swim Suits and Team Gear

Produced by Agon Swim

Go to Agon Swim to order swimsuits and team gear


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